A journal of programming insights that made me a bit wiser


When I find the time, I like to make projects. It's not only a good exercise in creativity, but also a great way to try new tech outside of work. You'll find a list of my past and present projects below.

Most of my projects are public on my Github account.

Library Inventory

Dec 2018
 Golang, Redis, Echo, Docker

Web API that manages the inventory of a library

Incremental Game

Jan 2017
 Closed Source
 TypeScript, Phaser.js

2D HTML5 game featuring incremental mechanics

Sep 2016
 Python, Reddit API

Configurable console application that mimicks a person’s speech via Markov chains

God Game Prototype

Aug 2016
 Closed Source
 C#, Unity

Prototype for 3D god game where player controls a village of followers

Spotify Library Serializer

Mar 2016
 Python, Flask, Spotify API, HTML5, Bootstrap

Web application that serializes a user’s Spotify library into a JSON file for back-up

Farm Sim Prototype

Jan 2016
 Closed Source
 C#, Unity

Prototype for 3D simulation game where player operates a farm

Reddit Bot Template

Dec 2015
 Python, Reddit API

Configurable template for reddit bot that searches for specified keywords and replies with specified responses

Dynamic Band Name Generator

Jul 2015
 Python, Django, Ember.js, Javascript, Spotify API, Wordnik API, HTML5, Bootstrap

Web application that scans a user’s Spotify library via oAuth and generates a personalized band name